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TouchPoint Property Management’s Rental Maintenance Process


In this vlog, I’d like to discuss Touchpoint Property Management’s maintenance process

Maintenance is one of the most important aspects of rental property management because there is a direct correlation between how well the property is maintained and how well it will perform financially.

Let me explain….

In order to make more profit and have the best rental experience you want to attract the most qualified tenant in the shortest amount of time. Once you have that tenant in the home…you want to make sure that they stay in the property and renew their lease year after year.

This will minimize your vacancy and turnover costs such as prolonged vacancy, end of lease repairs and tenant placement fees which will contribute to your profitability.

High qualified tenants pay their rent on time and take great care of the property. These tenants are attracted to well maintained properties and inversely, lower qualified tenants have to settle for poorly maintained properties because that’s all they can get.

Once you have a great tenant in the property, you can keep them in there longer by being responsive to the tenants and property’s maintenance needs.

Once you sign up with TouchPoint, we will visit the property on an ongoing basis and perform detailed evaluation and condition reports which we will use to put together a maintenance proposal to keep your property in the best condition possible (within reason of course). Once we have agreed upon what needs to be done, our team will coordinate and handle any necessary maintenance on your behalf and keep you in the loop every step of the way.

In our lease, you tenants will be required to report any maintenance issue that they see. We do not automatically route a repair vendor out there whenever the tenant asks.

First we have 2 dedicated maintenance coordinators available 24/7 to evaluate the service request for validity and attempt to resolve small problems over the phone by walking the tenant through troubleshooting steps. Many times we can resolve small issues like that at no charge to you.

In the event that we can not resolve the issue over the phone we will then create a work order and route qualified repair vendors out to the property to troubleshoot and fix the problem. At that point you will automatically receive an email notification letting you know about the work order. You will not need to respond as well will follow up again after we have a handle on the situation.

All of the vendors that we work with are required to be licensed and insured and to perform quality work at fair prices. Our vendors know that if they do meet these standards then they will no longer receive volume referrals from us and it is our job to keep them compliant for your benefit.

We have service and repair vendors in every category from small cleaning jobs, yard maintenance, HVAC repair, painters, flooring, punch lists and major renovations.

Our vendor’s job is to go out to the property and report back to us the cause of the problem. If it is determined that the cause is normal wear and tear then that is the owner’s responsibility….but if we determine that there is tenant misuse or neglect we will hold the tenant responsible and they will pay the repair costs as per our lease.

For example…if you have a garbage disposal that broke because it’s old or had a short circuit or just burned out naturally… that’s normal wear and tear and the owner would be responsible. But if we find a piece of metal or chicken bone in the garbage disposal that would be misuse or neglect and then the tenant would be held responsible.

If any repair exceeds $250 our maintenance coordinators will reach out to you with a well thought out remediation plan in order to get approval from you first before we proceed.

Once the repairs are completed, we will pay the vendor out of your rental proceeds or we may ask you to fund your account by logging into your online owner portal and process payment. Your Owner portal will give you 24/7 online access to inspection reports, financial reports, and invoices for your review.

Please refer to your property management proposal and agreement for related pricing.

I hope that you can see that we have built our company from the ground up for Owners that want their properties maintained well and want to be hands off in the process.